Airlines AELF FlightService enters wet leasing and ACMI charter market

Carrier AELF FlightService has entered the wide-body wet leasing and ACMI charter market, with a first aircraft joining the fleet.

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Newly rebranded carrier AELF FlightService has received its first widebody aircraft to commence wet leasing and ACMI charter operations. An Airbus A330-200 has now joined the fleet and is being configured in a passenger and auxiliary cargo configuration.

By the end of the year, AELF plans to perform the first flights. MSN 700 is the first of three A330-200 aircraft in total that are set to join the fleet. The aircraft allows AELF to offer services like individual freight or passenger charters and interim ACMI.

Recently, Presidio Aircraft Leasing has re-branded to AELF FlightService and has added the wet leasing division. The new A330-200 aircraft will be operated in a strategic partnership with Malta-based company Maleth Aero.

"For nearly a decade, we've operated aircraft for governments, airlines, freight carriers, the music industry, sports teams, and VIPs, and we are proud to be working in partnership with AELF FlightService," said Michael O'Brien, CEO of Maleth Aero. "With our combined strengths, we are able to provide a truly world-class product."

AELF FlightService Commercial Director Lee Jones added: "The teams that have come together as AELF FlightService bring tremendous experience in aircraft ownership, operation, leasing and management [...] We are looking forward to offering customized solutions to airlines and other charter customers as they navigate through the volatility of the Covid-19 crisis and well beyond."

Joe Cirillo, Chief Operating Officer added, that this transformation has been a challenging undertaking but will allow AELF to offer maximum flexibility to existing and new airline customers. He said, that the airlinesĀ“ financial strength and agility will bolster the company in the current environment.

AELF FlightService is a privately held commercial aircraft leasing company and ACMI/Charter operator. The company has offices in Dublin, Chicago, and Miami. The company offers liquidity, financial and operational solutions for commercial to airlines and owners around the world.

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