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Air Italy has released that it has decided to suspend operations as of yesterday.

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After a shareholders meeting, Air Italy has decided to stop scheduled passenger flights and to liquidate the company. This decision was made to minimize the inconvenience for passengers holding Air Italy tickets.

Air Italy has stopped flying as of yesterday. Until the 25th of February, all Air Italy flights will be operated by other carriers at the times and on the days as previously scheduled. The carrier also stated, that passengers who booked flights after 25 February 2020 will be fully refunded.

In a statement, the airline confirmed: "Following the shareholders' meeting of Air Italy (Alisarda and Qatar Airways through AQA Holding spa) which decided the “liquidazione in bonis” of the company, and with the aim of minimizing the inconvenience for passengers holding Air Italy tickets, we inform all passengers that: From 11 to 25 February2020 inclusive, all Air Italy flights will be operated by other carriers at the times and on the days previously scheduled; all passengers who booked flights (outward or return) after 25 February 2020 will be re-protected or fully refunded."

"All scheduled flights (outward or return) up to and including 25 February 2020 (including the first departures on the morning of 26 February 2020 of domestic flights to Malpensa and from Male and Dakar airports) will be regularly operated, without any changes to the original scheduled dates and times and on the same flight conditions. Passengers will be able to fly using their ticket," added the carrier.

This voluntary liquidation is a rough defeat for Qatar Airways, too. The Doha-based carrier entered into Air Italy in 2017 with a minority stake. The majority stake remained under the property of Alisarda. Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker always remained positive with Air Italy and several aircraft were transferred from Qatar to Italy so that new long-haul routes could be started.

Until liquidation, Air Italy performed scheduled passenger flights to 26 destinations. The fleet consisted of five A330-200s, one Boeing 737-700, four 737-800s and three 737 MAX 8, who are still grounded. The carrier also had orders for two additional A330s and 17 737 MAX 8s.

Air Italy arose from the 1963 established Alisarda. Alisarda was founded to provide a fast and reliable air service to Olbia. In 1191, Alisarda rebranded to be known as Meridiana. In February 2018, Air Italy was established. Only two years later, Air Italy has ceased operations.

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