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Over the years, several airlines painted their aircraft in special Christmas liveries.

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Even though Santa Claus sleigh is pulled by reindeers, airlines try to spread the holiday spirit by painting aircraft in special Christmas liveries.

The first Christmas plane of the bankrupt German airline Air Berlin took off in 2011. In 2013 the carrier painted a Boeing 737-800 with fairy lights. D-ABMS was named „Merry Santa“. The carrier launched its marketing campaign “Flying home for Christmas” for the first time.

© Air Berlin

One year later, Air Berlin painted its D-ABML in special Christmas livery. Passengers on board the aircraft got German lebkuchen and hot spiced wine.

In 2015, Air Berlin painted its Airbus A320 D-ABNM in special “Hello Santa” livery. Passengers were allowed to transport a Christmas tree on all international flights for free.

© Air Berlin

After the insolvency of Air Berlin in Summer 2017, there will be no German aircraft in special Christmas livery this year.

Finnland’s national carrier Finnair named itself “Santa’s official airline”. Two Airbus A321 aircraft received a special Christmas livery. To transport all Christmas gifts, Finnair increased the capacity of flights to Lapland. Passengers booked in business class received a special Christmas menu.

For the Christmas season 2017, Finnair painted one if its Airbus A350 in special Christmas livery wishing all passengers happy holidays.

© Finnair

As official airline, the carrier was proud to transport Santa Clause to Budapest Airport, where Joulupukki, the real Finnish Santa Claus visits children since 16 years.

© Airport Budapest

Source © Special Christmas Liveries

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