Airlines Airline’s Christmas marketing campaigns

Christmas holidays are probably the busiest time to travel by airplane. Passengers around the world did not expect to meet Santa Claus during their travel. Several airlines launched marketing campaigns for the Christmas season and surprised their passengers.

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The Canadian low cost carrier WestJet celebrates the Christmas season with a new campaign every year. In 2013 the carrier surprised its passengers with a real-time giving campaign. On two Calgary-bound flights passengers were asked for their Christmas wishes by Santa Claus on a video screen. After their aircraft took off with direction Calgary, a WestJet team went shopping the wished gifts and returned to the airport before the aircraft landed. The amazed passenger couldn’t believe their eyes when their wish came true on the baggage carousel. Over 47 million people have watched WestJet’s real-time giving video on Youtube.

Finland’s national carrier Finnair states to be the official airline of Santa Claus. In 2014, the carrier published a video that shows how Santa Claus and the airline are cooperating to distribute gifts around the world. 

Taiwan’s Eva Air surprised passengers waiting for their luggage with a dance show on the baggage carousel. Over 40.000 people watched the Youtube video since 2015


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