Airlines Condor to add 16 Airbus A330neos to its fleet

German leisure airline Condor Flugdienst intends to add up to 16 Airbus A330neo aircraft to its fleet.

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Condor Flugdienst GmbH and aircraft manufacturer Airbus have signed a purchase agreement for seven A330neos, while the carrier intends to add a further nine aircraft through leasing. With these 16 new aircraft, the carrier will modernize its long-haul fleet.

The A330neo is set to be introduced on routes from Germany to the Americas, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Currently, Condor is mainly flying with aging Boeing aircraft. The new A330neo would open up new markets and offer better performance and economics.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International, said: “Condor excels in operating profitably many routes no other carrier is able to; we are proud to see a demanding airline such as Condor selecting our latest-technology A330neo as the aircraft of choice, building the future of their widebody fleet in the relentless pursuit of lowest operating costs and passenger comfort […] By operating the A320 and A330neo aircraft side by side, the airline will benefit from all the commonality economics these two premium products offer, with the embedded flexibility to address new and existing markets with the right-sized, right-efficiency aircraft.”

Condor CEO Ralf Teckentrup added: "We are proud to be the German launch customer for the A330neo. Thanks to the latest technology and maximum efficiency of the aircraft, we will be taking off with our new plane from Autumn 2022 with fuel consumption of just 2.1 litres per passenger per 100 kilometres. With this value, we are the front-runner in Germany and, as the most popular leisure airline, we will consistently continue to interweave the themes of sustainability and holidays.”

The Airbus A330neo is the latest long-haul aircraft from Airbus and is the newest version of the popular Airbus A330. After the aircraft was not so popular with customers as they mostly opted for the A350, the A330neo has gained momentum over the past years.

Christian Scherer explained: “The A330neo has won a thorough competition yet again, as it has in the vast majority of competitive evaluations these last three years. The decision by Condor to modernise its long-haul fleet with A330neos will also set a new benchmark on the airline’s trajectory towards more sustainable flying. We thank and applaud Condor for confirming the competitive value of the A330neo.”

Condor was founded in 1955 and commenced operations a year later. The carrier is mostly flying to leisure destinations around the world. Main operational hub is located at Frankfurt and the fleet consists of 12 Airbus A320s, 10 A321s, 13 Boeing 757s and 15 767s. With an average fleet age of nearly 20 years, Condor is using above average old aircraft.

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