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Emirates Airline has announced, that it will operate additional flights to Medina and Jeddah during the Hajj season.

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The extra flights will help pilgrims to travel to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Hajj. Overall, Emirates will operate 33 extra flights to Jedda and Medina in the time period from August 6 to August 31, 2018.

All extra flights will run next to the regularly scheduled flights. Passengers, that hold a valid Hajj visa can book the additional flights.

On its website, Emirates has stated, that it expects pilgrims to come from Pakistan, Senegal, the United States, the UK, Australia, Indonesia, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Adil Al Ghaith, Emirates’ Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Gulf, Middle East and Iran said: “Hajj travel is an extraordinary journey for Muslims which leaves them with a lifetime of memorable experiences, and we expect over 25,000 pilgrims to travel with Emirates this year. With the significant demand for air travel during this period, Emirates is deploying extra flights to ensure more seamless connections for the scores of pilgrims making their way to the Holy City of Mecca. During their journey, we aim to provide our customers with the best experience that is aligned with the pillars of their faith, particularly during this significant period.”

Emirates said, that a dedicated team will help to guarantee a seamless passenger experience on the ground in Dubai. The airline even opened dedicated check-in desks and transfer counters.

In the air, Emirates will implement initiatives to keep up with the traveller’s values. In a statement, the airline wrote: "Extra provisions will be made to accommodate Hajj traveller needs such as performing ablutions, advising passengers about Al Miqat and Ihram (the phase when pilgrims enter a state of sanctity) and other arrangements that will help ease their journey. Emirates’ award-winning ice system will also feature a special Hajj video that covers safety, Hajj formalities and information about performing the Hajj pilgrimage. Pilgrims will also be able to tune into the Holy Quran channel."

Emirates Airline is a long-haul carrier based and headquartered at Dubai. The airline performs flights with an all-widebody fleet, including 104 Airbus A380s and 148 Boeing 777s. Emirates serves 86 countries and 160 destinations.

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