Airlines First ATR 72-600 delivered to Angolan carrier

Aircraft manufacturer ATR has announced, that it has delivered the first ATR aircraft to an Angolan carrier.

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Bestfly is the first airline in the country to operate an aircraft from ATR. Starting in July, the carrier will use a first ATR 72-600 Turboprop to operate corporate and charter services throughout the country. Altogether, Bestfly will take delivery of two 72-600s from lessor Acia Aero.

To support Bestfly as first airline in the country to operate the aircraft, ATR will provide maintenance and training services to the carrier. This will help Bestfly to have a good start of operations.

Nuno Pereira, Chief Executive Officer of Bestfly, commented: “It is naturally essential that we are able to meet the needs of our customers, who depend upon the flexibility and reliability of our solutions, as we have done since the foundation of BestFly in 2009. The ATR 72-600 is an aircraft that has assured regional connectivity all over the world thanks to its unbeatable operational costs and its dispatch reliability of 99.7%, making it the ideal aircraft for our corporate customers and marks a significant milestone in the BestFly life evolving from a purely business aircraft operator to a commuter aircraft operator always looking to find solutions that best suit our corporate clients needs through strategic relationships as the one with ACIA and ATR. We look forward to welcoming them into our fleet in July.”

Fabrice Vautier, ATR’s Senior Vice President Commercial, added: “We are grateful for the support and cooperation from both Bestfly and Acia Aero in facilitating this deal. It is always satisfying to welcome a new operator with as high standards as Bestfly and to see our aircraft flying in a new country. Bestfly’s decision makes perfect sense. The ATR 72-600 burns 40% less fuel and emits 40% less CO2 than regional jets and that is a clear advantage for operators.”

Over the next 20 years, ATR sees demand for up to 300 new turboprop aircraft in the African and Middle-East region. Especially regional aviation will experience a boost in demand. ATR´s turboprop aircraft are ideal for these circumstances. They offer 40% less fuel burn than other regional jets.

Moreover, Bestfly will also benefit from the good dispatch reliability and airport accessibility of the ATR 72-600. The aircraft belongs to one of the most flexible aircraft in its class and can be used for a range of operations.

Bestfly was established in November 2009 and is a Group of Companies in the Angolan aviation market. As market leader, Bestfly has put its focus on customer service. The carrier is serving areas like Ground Handling, Aircraft Management and Charter and Helicopter Off-Shore services.

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