Airlines Hi Fly trials new wingtip solution on its A330s

Carrier Hi Fly Airline has announced, that it will test a new retrofit wingtip solution on its Airbus A330s.

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In order to push the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the aircraft industry, charter-airline Hi Fly has decided to install a new wingtip solution on its Airbus 330 aircraft. The new wingtip is named TRINITAIR and is a 3-pronged wingtip that could reduce fuel consumption by up to 2%.

As first airline in the world, Hi Fly will be installing the new wingtip as retrofit solution. By using this new advancement, airflow will be leading to the fuel consumption and every kilogram of fuel saved on a flight reduces CO2-emissions by 3.16kg.

Paulo Mirpuri, President of Hi Fly and the Mirpuri Foundation, commented: “In an industry that is increasingly more concerned with a sustainable planet, and which is looking to have a positive impact with its day-to-day operations, investing in environmentally friendly technology is the right way to a better world.”

Aim for the long run is it, to revolutionize the usage of aerodynamical improvements in the aviation industry and to normalize retrofitting aircraft parts through third-party companies. To install the wingtips for permanent passenger services is a pioneering initiative to reduce emissions.

TRINITAIR was designed by The Aircraft Performance Company GmbH (The APC) and only needs one day for installation, minimizing costs for on-ground status of aircraft. Next to reducing emissions of CO2 and NOX through reduced fuel burn, the wingtip also brings lower engine wear, an extension in range and a payload increase.

Harald Zirngibl, Managing Director of The APC, explained the development behind TRINITAIR: “The engineers at The APC use well-founded, patented knowledge of flow and structural mechanics to achieve an optimal circulation distribution of the outer wing by locally influencing or expanding the wingtip vortex.”

„It is not the time to wait for the one big solution that can make aviation emission-free in one fell swoop. Effective and implementable transitional steps must be taken quickly on the way there, which drive and support the entire process – that’s our approach at The APC,” Zirngibl added.

The Aircraft Performance Company GmbH is a Hamburg-based company that specialized its operations on improving aircraft performance with new solutions for greener aviation. TRINITAIR is the company’s first product in that category.

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