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Air France’s new subsidiary Joon has commenced long-haul flights with a first Airbus A340-300.

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The former Air France aircraft entered into service on March 25, 2018 with a first flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Cairo in Egypt. Joon offers three different classes, including Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class.

In the next months, Joon plans to commence long-haul operations to several destinations including Fortaleza (Brazil), Cape Town (South Africa), Mahe (Seychelles), Mumbai (India) and Teheran (Iran). Therefor the airline will receive a total of four Airbus A340-300 from its mother company Air France until July 2018. Additionally, Joon already operates a fleet of seven Airbus A320 and four A321 on flights to European destinations.

Joon Airbus A340-300
The routes of Air France’s subsidiary Joon © Joon

Joon was developed by Air France in July 2017 to compete against the growing number of low-cost carriers in France. Air France promotes the new airline as a carrier for the millennial generation offering modern features and lifestyle. Joon does not operate as a low-cost carrier: All booking classes include drinks and food. With the launch of Joon, Air France has decided to follow another strategy compared to its major competitors in Europe. The Lufthansa Group has launched its own low-cost carrier Eurowings which even offers low cost long-haul flights from Düsseldorf and Munich. The IAG Group has founded a new subsidiary called Level, that commenced low cost long-haul flights from its hub in Barcelona in 2017.

According to a press release, the fleet of Joon should grow in the next years. In Summer 2019 the fleet should consist of 18 Airbus A320 Family aircraft and four A340. In the same year, Joon should receive a first Airbus A350.

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