Airlines Loganair and Blue Islands announce operational partnership

UK carriers Loganair and Blue Islands have announced a partnership to connect the Channel Islands with various UK Regions.

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Loganair and Blue Islands have agreed on signing an extensive partnership to offer customers a new range of regional air connections across the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Passengers will now be able to purchase a single ticket with seamless connection between flights of the two airlines.

This connects both carrier´s networks and allows customers to benefit from seamless travel, lower fares and guaranteed connections throughout the countries. Together, Loganair and Blue Islands have an extensive network that reaches from the Channel Islands, the North East and the Isle of Man to Scotland and the South Coast.

Frequent connections like flights to Southampton and Manchester will build the bridges between the two networks. The implementation also helps the UK to boost its connectivity and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loganair’s Chief Executive Jonathan Hinkles said: "We’re delighted to be working with Blue Islands to offer this new range of connections for customers throughout the UK. Providing dependable air services to communities throughout the UK, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man is a core part of the ‘DNA’ of both airlines, and by joining up our networks, we can help many more customers reach their destination."

Blue Islands’ Chief Executive Rob Veron added: "We are excited to form this new partnership with Loganair, hand in hand with a significant expansion of our own route network after 15 years of Channel Islands’ centred operations. It further enhances Blue Islands’ commitment to deliver robust and reliable regional air connectivity. We are delighted to be able to offer customers an extended route network with the peace of mind of guaranteed connections, Air Passenger Duty savings and the easy convenience of checked-through hold luggage in a single ticket."

Blue Islands is normally operating in and form the Channel Islands area, while Loganair has its main routes within Scotland. After Flybe went bankrupt in March as result of the travel restrictions and lowered travel demand, the airlines are now a replacement on certain routes.

To make the booking process more seamless, Blue Islands has switched to the same booking system recently. This also helps to assure the easy transfer between flights and the customer´s checked baggage.

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