Airlines Russia’s AzurAir may stop flying

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Russia’s aviation safety regulator Rosaviatsiya has announced that Azur Air Russia may be forced to stop flying on March 21, 2018 if the carrier does not close out violations which could affect flight safety.

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Rosaviatsiya stated that Azur Air could continue operations if all safety regulations are fulfilled until 20 March. If the safety shortcomings are not fixed until that date, the AOC will not be valid any longer.

Russian Aviation Insider reports, Azur Air is facing problems with flight delays due to missing reserve capacity.

Azur Air published a statement on its website: “In connection with Rosaviatsiya's announcement that the airline has limited the validity period of the operator's certificate until 20 March, Azur Air informs that it does not see any difficulties in eliminating the inconsistencies and shortcomings revealed by the regulator as a result of the air carrier's activity verification.”

The Russian leisure and charter carrier will now fixe the shortcomings and prepares an application for the removal of the AOC limitation.

Since December 2015, the Azur Air Group is owned by the Turkish tourism company Anex Tourism Group. Azur Air currently operates a fleet of 20 aircraft including four Boeing 737-800, eight B757-200 and eight Boeing 767-300ER. The German subsidiary Azur Air Germany is not affected by the problems.

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