Airlines Ryanair launches UK Summer 2021 schedule

Low-Cost airline Ryanair has released its UK Summer schedule for this year.

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Ryanair has launched its UK Summer 2021 schedule. The airline plans to operate over 2,300 weekly flights across 480 routes. This year, the low-cost carrier is adding 26 new routes to holiday destinations. The actual execution of this plan is subject on if the vaccination programme of the United Kingdom is working.

The Irish carrier seeks to open new routes from the UK to France, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain. The airline is hopeful and gives UK families confidence, that traveling to holiday destinations will be available this Summer.

Ryanair’s Group CEO, Michael O’Leary, said: “The UK Govt has implemented a very successful vaccine rollout programme, and is on track for a re-opening of EU short-haul travel this summer. Ryanair is pleased to offer even more choice and lower fares to our UK customers and their families with over 2,300 weekly flights and 480 routes to choose from, including 26 exciting new holiday connections to Naples, Rhodes, Chania, Alicante and Mallorca among many others. “

If the countries, in which the leisure destinations are in, are now allowing tourism or only a certain amount, many of these proposed flights could remain on the ground. This however is subject to the respective vaccination strategies of the countries.

If all goes well, Ryanair seeks to operate to cities like Corfu, Santorini, Menorca, Ibiza, Faro, the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Lisbon, Naples, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Fuerteventura, Zakynthos and Valencia.

During the past year, many countries imposed travel restrictions to prevent the virus form spreading further. This meant, that many airlines, Ryanair included, had to ground their entire aircraft fleet as bookings were cancelled.

As vaccine becomes more and more available, hopes for a fast comeback to normality are high. But only time will tell, if all countries´ strategies to vaccine people is working in accordance to their plan.

Ryanair is one of the largest low-cost carriers in Europe and had to ground the most of its fleet during the pandemic. Of course, the airline hopes that normality will come back as fast as possible. Many families in the UK are hopeful, too, and have already booked flights to warmer destinations.

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