Airlines Soccer teams travel to Russia

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For the next four weeks the soccer world will look at Russia. Teams from all over the world have started their journey to Russia.

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As the world championship is starting today, the teams have arrived in Russia. AVIPEO.COM has taken a closer look, how teams travel and which aircraft and airline they have chosen for their trip.

The current world champion Germany will travel with an Airbus A321 in special “Fanhansa” design. The jet is already designed with the new Lufthansa design.

The Croatian will travel with a German airline as well. Avanti Air, a German charter and ACMI specialist airline, has published a photo, showing special Croatian head covers in one of its Fokker100 aircraft.

© AvantiAir/Facebook

Morocco’s players have arrived in Russia with a Boeing 737-800 from the country’s flag carrier Royal Air Maroc.

© Royal Air Maroc/Twitter

The Argentine national team with its star Lionel Messi had one of the longest journeys to Russia. The team travelled to Russia on board of a Aeronexus Boeing 767-200.

© Seleccion Argentina/Twitter

The jet offers a VIP configuration with business class seats for the long flight to Russia.

© Marcos Javier Acuna/Twitter

The Spanish team travelled in the business class of the Air Europa Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Russia.

© AirEuropa/Twitter


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