Airlines UK and US agree on new open skies arrangements

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Ahead of the EU exit, the UK and US have agreed on new open skies arrangements.

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The arrangement will see Britain´s current Open Skies agreement between the European Union and the United States being replaced. The new agreement was specifically made for post-Brexit operations between the UK and the US.

In order to guarantee a smooth transition for airlines after Brexit, the new open skies arrangements sees the guarantee to continue all vital transatlantic routes between the continents. Tens of millions of passengers are using this air link every year. This will continue after the UK has left the European Union.

Not only passengers, but airlines will profit from this decision as the open skies arrangements protect the trading relationship between the two countries.

Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary, said: "The UK and United States have a special relationship which has helped shape the modern world and there is no better example of this than in aviation. Our transatlantic flights have helped to bring our countries even closer together, strengthening our ties and boosting our economies. This new arrangement and those concluded with 8 other countries around the world are proof that the UK will continue to be a major player on the world stage after we leave the EU."

Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines Group added: "The agreement, which closely follows the Model US Open Skies Agreement, facilitates strong competition and is clearly pro-consumer. The US is a major destination for British businesses and tourists while the UK welcomes many American visitors to its shores.”

In order to furthermore expand its global aviation network, the British government will now continue to work closely with the industry. It remains committed to a competitive and liberalized aviation sector. The government hopes that the new measures will help the environment, passengers and local businesses across the UK.

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