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United Airlines has stated, that the airline will reduce its own emissions by 50 percent in the next 32 years.

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As first U.S.-American airline, United Airlines has officially announced that it will commit to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent until the year 2050. As one of the largest airlines in the world, the carrier sees its responsibility to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This announcement underlines the carrierĀ“s ambition to become the most environmentally conscious airline in the world. The intention to reduce its emissions by 50 percent translates to removing 4.5 million vehicles from the road, each year.

United Airlines said, that the airline will continue to invest in initiatives for environmental purposes. Altogether $30 million will be injected into California-based biofuel producer Fulcrum BioEngergy. Over this agreement, United Airlines has confirmed that it will purchase nearly 1 billion gallons from the company.

For example, the carrier operated flight UA44 from San Francisco to Zurich with a 30/70 mixture of sustainable aviation biofuel. This represented the longest transatlantic flight with biofuel to date. Since 2016, the carrier has used more than 2 million gallons of biofuel.

Oscar Munoz, United's chief executive officer, said: "While we're proud to be first U.S. carrier taking such an ambitious step, it is a distinction we look forward to sharing as the rest of the industry catches up and makes similar commitments to sustainability.

United Airlines is a major U.S. based carrier. The airline is member of the Star Alliance and operates a fleet of 758 aircraft. 166 Airbus A320 family aircraft, 335 Boeing 737 family aircraft, 77 B757s, 52 B767s, 91 B777s and 37 B787s operate on both domestic and international routes. In total, United Airlines serves 357 destinations in 63 worldwide countries.

United Airlines and subsidiary airline United Express perform approximately 4,600 flights each day and transported more than 148 million passengers in 2017.

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