Airlines Virgin America is now fully integrated into Alaska Airlines

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Virgin America is now fully integrated into Alaska Airlines, the carrier announced this Wednesday.

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On the night of Tuesday, the carrier completed physical changes at 29 US airports and Mexico, that are being served by both Virgin America and Alaska Airlines. All signs, screens, lobbies, ticket counters, gates and baggage gates are now wearing the Alaska brand. Furthermore, all tickets are now being sold under the Alaska name via the respective airline website.

As of April 25, passengers will be able to:

  • Check-in using one website (
  • Use one mobile app (Alaska’s)
  • Call one call center (Alaska’s)
  • Look for Alaska flight numbers

However, there are still aircraft wearing the Virgin America livery flying around. The repaint process is expected to take time until the end of 2019. The carrier stated, that in fall this year, former Virgin America aircraft will receive new interior cabins.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes for over a year, investing thousands of hours of planning, preparation and testing to make sure this transition goes smoothly for all our guests,” said Sandy Stelling, who’s leading Alaska’s PSS transition effort.

The completion of the carrier´s biggest integration milestone means, that passengers can travel more seamlessly to the airline´s destinations.

In December 2016, Alaska Air finalized the acquisition of Virgin America. In January 2018, the carrier consolidated their operations under a single Aircraft operator´s certificate (AOC).

Alaska is now employing over 23,000 personnel. The fleet includes 224 aircraft. 10 Airbus A320, 53 A320 and six A321neo joined the fleet after the merger. Alaska Airlines has been operating with 155 Boeing 737NG.

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