Airlines Volotea launches 40 domestic routes this summer

Volotea has announced to boots its network by adding new domestic routes in several European countries.

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Amid the current COVID-19 crisis, Volotea has announced to furthermore strengthen its route network by adding a total of 40 new domestic routes in Italy, France Spain and Greece for this upcoming Summer.

The carrier stated that it is offering these new routes to provide more domestic possibilities this summer and to facilitate journeys between mainland and the islands. In addition to the new 40 routes, Volotea will also continue to fly the Airbus shuttle between Hamburg-Finkenwerder and Toulouse-Blagnac.

Volotea will launch 15 new routes in France, another 15 in Spain, eight in Italy and two in Greece. Fifteen from the 40 new routes are exclusive and not served by an airline. Four airports will be completely new for the carrier: Beauvais in France, Santiago de Compostela and Granada in Spain and Bologna in Italy.

“We are very excited to share the good news of many additional domestic routes launched today. Now that flying protocols are becoming clearer, and that clients will regain the confidence in safe and healthy travel for this summer, we know most of our clients will want to travel more, especially in domestic markets. Therefore, we’ve adapted our network by strongly strengthening all of our domestic connections in Spain, France, Italy and Greece,” said Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO of Volotea.

In France, Volotea offers a total of 15 new routes, among which 5 are exclusive. All the new routes are connecting to holiday destinations in France. Volotea now links almost all of its cities in the Hexagon with Corsica. The airline will also include Beauvais among its new airports for 2020.

In Italy, Volotea launches 8 new routes, among which 5 are exclusive, allowing the airline to multiply connections between Sicily, Sardinia and mainland Italy. The airline will also count Bologna among its new airports for 2020.

In Spain, Volotea reinforces its presence by offering 15 new routes, among which 5 are exclusive. The airline is boosting connections with the Balearic and Canary Islands. With these new routes, Volotea doubles its routes offer in Spain and will fly to two new airports: Santiago de Compostela and Granada. Volotea will double its presence with a second aircraft at its Asturias and Bilbao bases.

In Greece, Volotea launches two new routes, connecting Athens to Corfu, and Santorini to Thessaloniki. At the same time, the airline will densify the frequency of its flights between mainland and islands.

Volotea commenced operations in 2012 and carried more than 25 million passengers across Europe since then. The fleet consists of 39 aircraft, including 25 Airbus A319s and 14 Boeing 717s. For this year, the carrier is adding six A319 to offer more flights.

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