Airlines WDL Aviation leases four Embraer E190 jets

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German regional carrier WDL Aviation has announced, that it will acquire four Embraer E190 jets on lease.

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With the new Embraer E190 jets, the operator seeks to modernize its aging fleet. Currently, WDL Aviation operates with BAE146 jets. Deliveries of the E190s will start as of February 2019 and will then successively replace the old Avro aircraft.

As being an ACMI and charter business operator, WDL will benefit from the application possibilities of the aircraft. According to the airline, the E190s will be able to accommodate around 100 passengers. WDL will also experience reduced operating costs, as the aircraft are much more fuel efficient and perform better on ground during turnarounds.

Walter Böhnke, Managing Director of WDL Aviation, said on Monday: “We are pleased to have acquired four new Embraer 190 jets to replace our fleet of BAE146 aircraft. We are convinced that we have found aircraft that offer our customers a better flight experience.”

Wolfram Simon-Schröter, Managing Director of the Zeitfracht Group, added: “The acquisition fits perfectly with the company’s growth strategy, which is based on a pronounced customer orientation.”

WDL Aviation was initially founded in 1974 and is headquartered and base at Cologne/Bonn airport. The company is known as leading provider in aircraft leasing and commercial and private ACMI charter flights. Recently, WDL Aviation was acquired by the Zeitfracht Group. WDL is a member of the Federal Association of German Airlines (BDF) and the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (Barig).

At the moment, WDL Aviation operates flights with a fleet of five BAE146 regional aircraft. After Air Berlin´s bankruptcy in 2017, easyJet took over many slots at Berlin-Tegel. WDL Aviation is performing several daily flights between Berlin-Tegel and German cities on behalf of easyJet.

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