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The United Kingdom Government has announced that it will approve the expansion plans at London-Heathrow. A third runway and new gates will be built, in order to ensure enough capacity for the coming years.

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The project of establishing a third runway at one of the biggest airports in the world, London-Heathrow, has been given the green light by the UK Government.

With the agreement on allowing to build a third runway, the Government hopes to create a greater economic growth, tens of thousands of jobs and more flights. The new runway will relieve the two current runways. Moreover, the new runway would provide benefits of up to €84 Million to passengers and the wider economy.

As one of the biggest and therefore fastest-growing airports in the world, London-Heathrow has struggled with capacity problems in the past years. And as a significant increase of aircraft movements and air traffic in general is expected for the coming years, the airport had to react.

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Heathrow is already the UK´s biggest airport and could – with the new runway in service – double its capacity for goods. This would allow businesses across the UK to increase their ex- and imports. The government stated, that “the benefits of expanding Heathrow will be felt across the country as there will be more flights around the UK, better connecting Scotland, Northern Ireland, the North and the South West to new global markets via London.”

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: "Expansion at Heathrow presents a unique opportunity to deliver a multi-billion pound boost to our economy, strengthen our global links and maintain our position as a world leader in aviation [...] As we leave the EU, the UK must remain one of the world’s best-connected and outward-looking countries and a third runway at Heathrow is the best option to deliver this [...] We have listened to views through our consultations and will ensure a world-class package of measures to help any local communities affected by the expansion."

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For those, who are affected by the expansion, compensation measures in the amount of nearly €3 million will be provided. This could include the improvement of parks and leisure facilities as well. As Heathrow is located in a dense inhabited city area, a night flight ban of 6.5 hours will be legally enforceable. Moreover, an Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise has been created.

In June, the Parliament will have to vote, whether the expansion is to be executed.

Commenting on this decision, Heathrow CEO John Holland Kaye urged the Parliament: "Together with our supporters across the country, we urge all MPs to vote for expansion. Their votes will connect all of Britain to global trade, increase competition and choice for passengers and create tens of thousands of new skilled jobs for future generations. The world is waiting for Britain. It's time to vote for Heathrow expansion.”

The second busiest airport in the world handled over 78 Million passengers in 2017, while having over 475,000 aircraft movements. London-Heathrow is located in the western part of the city, 23km away from central London.

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