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DHL Express has officially opened its new freight hub at Brussels Airport.

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The new state-of-the-art hub is capable of handling 42,000 shipments per hour, which nearly quadruples DHL Expresses┬┤ cargo capacity at Brussels. The 140 million Euro investment reflects in 200 new DHL jobs to date.

With 36,500m2 is the new facility the fifth largest hub in the global DHL network. Air and ground links are available for several European destinations, as well as for cities in the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

Brussels Airport is a strategically important location for DHL Express, as it is positioned in the middle of Europe. Furthermore, Brussels Airport already possesses several freight routes worldwide, which makes it more efficient to distribute goods. The airport benefits from the new opening.

The official opening ceremony was held under the presence of Belgian politicians and major customers, such as the RSC Anderlecht football club owner Delvaux.

Ken Allen, CEO DHL Express said: "Brussels plays a crucial role in the worldwide DHL Express network. Brussels Hub is one of our largest hubs in the world and because of its location in the logistics heart of Europe, it also plays an important role in connecting companies from this region with the world. This new hub is a key part of our worldwide investment plan and will support our growth, the efficiency of our network and the high level of quality for which customers turn to DHL Express."

A new automated sorting technology allows further flexibility and reliability for Belgian customers. Later pick-up times will be made possible.

Koen Gouweloose, Vice President of DHL Brussels Hub, said: "This new hub is a great example of some of the latest state-of-the-art logistics technology. It allows us to process even more packages even more quickly and efficiently. As a hub, this allows us to play an important role in the network, while paying close attention to security and working conditions for our 1,200 employees, who are in turn ensuring that our clients are receiving the great service they expect from DHL Express."

According to DHL, the new hub reduces the company┬┤s ecological footprint by 768 tons of CO2 per year. This is due to more efficient sorting techniques and solutions.

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