Freight Embraer develops cargo solution for commercial aircraft

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has developed new cargo solution for commercial aircraft, after the demand for air cargo capacity exploded.

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Embraer has used the decline in number of airline passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic to develop new cargo solutions for commercially used aircraft. These solutions could help airlines to use their aircraft for both passengers and flight.

During the pandemic, the demand for air cargo capacity boomed and several airlines have already strengthened their cargo fleet. Now, Embraer has developed solutions for airlines to compensate the lapse of passengers with new cargo capacity.

The manufacturer has released Technical Dispositions for the Embraer ERJ 145 and E-Jet families. Small packages can be placed in overhead bins and stowage compartments. Larger cargo items can be placed on empty seats. Here, the payload capacity plays an essential role. The E190 for examples has a capacity of 3 metric tonnes, when fully loaded.

Customers have the option to use a floor-mounted freight configuration if the cargo is not fitting in the overhead bins or on the passenger seats. With this solution, up to 70% of the seats will be removed to make way for larger cargo. Here, the freight must be anchored to the ground and secured with a net. This solution has already been developed for Azul Cargo and their first generation E195.

ANAC, the National Civil Aviation Agency in Brazil, has already granted exemption for the carriage for the additional freight onboard Embraer passenger aircraft. The specific solutions are subject to certain restrictions like the payload or other factors.

Commenting on the new solutions, Johann Bordais, President & CEO, Embraer Services & Support said: “Embraer’s engineers rose to the challenge when our customers asked them if they could find a way for their Embraer airplanes to carry more cargo payload [...] Today, customers can choose from a portfolio of solutions to carry cargo in the cabins of their EMB 120s, ERJ 145s, and E-Jets.”

For the new E190-E2, the payload capacity is up to 5,194lb (2.36 metric tons) and 1,750lb (0,8 metric tons) for the Embraer ERJ 145. For the EMB 120, a full cargo configuration service bulletin is available.

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