Freight Embraer launches E190F and E195F freighter conversions

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has announced that it will launch new passenger to freighter conversions for its E190 and E195 regional jets.

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As the international air freight market continues to grow, the next major manufacturer has decided to enter the conversion industry. Embraer has announced to launch the E190F and E195F variants, which are both based on the existing E190 and E195 passenger E-Jets.

Embraer joins Airbus and Boeing in offering passenger-to-freighter (P2F) solutions. This decision comes after e-commerce numbers continue to grow as result of constant growth in the past years connected with the pandemic.

The E190F and E195F are larger than turboprop cargo aircraft and smaller than converted aircraft like the A330P2F or the 777F. This gap in cargo capacity will be needed over the next years, as Arjan Meijer President and CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation, said:

“Perfectly positioned to fill the gap in the freighter market between turboprops and larger narrowbody jets, our P2F E-Jet conversion hits the market as the demand for airfreight continues to takeoff, and as e-commerce and trade in general undergoes a global structural transformation.”

Both the E190F and E195F are expected to celebrate their Entry Into Service (EIS) in 2024. The manufacturer expects a market size for approximately 700 aircraft over the next 20 years.

Johann Bordais, President & CEO, Embraer Services and Support, added: “The E-Jet air freighters will provide fast, reliable, and cost effective service to freight forwarders, extend the revenue earning life of E-Jets, support E-Jets’ asset values, and create a strong business case encouraging the replacement of earlier aircraft with modern, more efficient, passenger aircraft.”

Currently, Embraer has delivered more than 1,600 E-Jets globally and to convert the aircraft into freighters will expand their life span and will deliver lower operating costs than aging aircraft that are currently used like the Airbus A300F or Boeing 767F.

All conversions will be performed at Embraer´s facilities in Brazil. It includes the installation of a main deck front cargo door, a cargo handling system, floor reinforcement, a Rigid Cargo Barrier (RCB), a cargo smoke detection system and an Air Management System. Furthermore, the interior will be removed.

According to the Brazilian manufacturer, the E190F will be able to handle a payload of 23,600lb (10,700kg) while the E195F has a payload of 27,100 lb (12,300 kg).

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