Freight FedEx Express buys up to 50 ATR 72-600F

FedEx Express and ATR have signed a contract for a firm purchase of 30 ATR 72-600 freighters and 20 options. The aircraft will be delivered from 2020 onwards.

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The new ATRs will be equipped with a forward Large Cargo Door (LCD) and a rear upper cargo door. These aircraft are the first ATRs which will be delivered from the factory as sheer freighters and represent a new aircraft version, the ATR 72-600F. New to this version is a windowless fuselage and reinforced floor panels. Both bulk cargo and Unit Load Device (ULD) configurations will be supported. The ATR 72-600F features digital cockpits and enhanced take-off performance.

FedEx Express President and CEO David L. Cunningham said: “ATR aircraft have been successfully operating in FedEx service for many years. We worked with ATR to develop this new aircraft, which include special features to help us grow our business, especially in the air freight market where shipments are larger and heavier. The 72-600F will play an important role in our global network by helping us deliver fast, economical service to small and medium sized markets.”

On the other hand, Christian Sherer, ATR Chief Executive Officer declared, that the ATR “delivers an outstanding service, both serving small communities and feeding larger freighters”. He added, that the new ATR 72-600F will become a new benchmark for regional cargo operations.

FedEx Express is a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. The carrier operates 25 ATR 42-300F and 20 ATR 72-200F aircraft. As of November 2017, FedEx Corp operates with more than 300 feeder aircraft, including mid- to widebody cargo jets. 12 Boeing 767 freighters and 15 Boeing 777 freighters are still on order. Main hubs are in Memphis, Indianapolis, Dallas, Miami, Newark, Oakland, Anchorage, Paris, Toronto and Guangzhou. 220 countries are being served.

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