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Jota Aviation is set to launch freighter operations in October 2018. With new Bae 146-300 QT freighters, the operator will enter into the air cargo branch.

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The London Southend Airport based carrier Jota Aviation will begin to operate ACMI and ad-hoc cargo flights in October 2018. Jota has bought four Bae 146-300 QT freighters from ASL Spain. The aircraft are expected to enter into service this week.

With a boast payload capacity of 12 tonnes loose or 10.5 tonnes palletised, the BAE 146-300 QT´s will integrate into the airline´s niche market. Jota Aviation seeks to offer a payload capacity, which is between the ATR72 and the B737.

The new operation will substantially increase Jota Aviation´s market share and position as a market leader in the cargo charter sector.

Jota Aviation CEO, Andy Green said, “We look forward to entering this exciting new phase for Jota Aviation. We have spent the past few months ensuring that we have the experienced crew and infrastructure to support Jota Cargo and now look forward to putting these plans into action.”

The ability to launch air cargo operations that quickly will allow Jota Aviation to quickly integrate the new branch in its business model. Without delays in applying for permits, the fleet size will contribute to make Jota Aviation´s cargo operation efficient in speed, weight and volume.

Jota Cargo´s first BAe 146 freighter aircraft arrived in mid-August 2018. The three other aircraft are expected to join the fleet until the end of 2018. Mother company Jota Aviation was initially founded in 2009. The fleet consists of one BAe Avro RJ85 and one BAe Avro RJ100. A BAe 146-200 and the four BAe 146-300 QT complete the fleet.

Jota Aviation offers ACMI (wet-lease) and ad-hoc charter services to airlines such as BA CityFlyer, CityJet, BMI, Flybe and Eastern Airlines. At London Southend Airport, Jota Aviation has maintenance and support facilities.

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