Freight UPS orders 19 Boeing 767-300 Freighters

UPS has entered into a multi-year agreement with Boeing over the course of a purchase agreement for 19 767 Freighters.

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U.S.-American freight company UPS has signed a new purchase agreement with Boeing. The airline seeks to add new 767-300 Freighter aircraft to its fleet. UPS is already operating with nearly 80 of the type and this latest order underlines the airline´s satisfaction with the product.

UPS has signed with Boeing for a total of 19 aircraft, which will join the fleet between 2023 and 2025. Especially during the pandemic, E-Commerce numbers rose and therefore the demand for air cargo capacity. As one of the largest freight airlines in the world, UPS seeks to consolidate its market position with the added capacity.

UPS U.S. Operations President, Nando Cesarone, commented: "The Boeing 767 is the most versatile aircraft we operate […] Our plan to purchase 19 aircraft and take delivery between 2023 and 2025 aligns with the strategy and capital expenditure forecast shared during our June 2021 Investor and Analyst Day. It also supports our sustainability efforts by making our fleet more efficient and improving reliability."

The 767-300 Freighter is based on the passenger variant, which has been in Boeing´s aircraft portfolio for over 30 years. The first 767-300 Freighter was delivered in 1993 to launch customer UPS which only shows the airline´s strong commitment and trust in the aircraft.

Ihssane Mounir, Boeing senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing, confirmed: "Since the program was launched, UPS has recognized the value of the 767 Freighter and utilized the airplane's outstanding cargo capabilities throughout its network. These new jets will enable UPS to meet expected near-term and long-term cargo demand with the proven economics, reliability and flexibility that are synonymous with the 767 Freighter."

This order also underlines Boeing´s strong year for its cargo division. The manufacturer was able to confirm 80 firm orders for new widebody freighters and more than 80 aircraft for converted freighter aircraft.

Recently, the manufacturer stated in its market outlook for the cargo market, that over the coming 20 years, a four percent increase in freighter demand can be expected. Since launch, the 767 Freighter program has earned around 270 orders.

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