General Aviation Beechcraft delivers special mission King Air 350ER to Skytraders

Textron Aviation has announced, that Beechcraft has delivered a special mission King Air 350ER to Skytraders.

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Australian aviation service company Skytraders has taken delivery of a brand-new Beechcraft King Air 350ER from Textron Aviation. The aircraft will be operated on behalf of Victoria Police and has already entered into service.

The aircraft is mainly to support the Victoria Police Wing (VPAW) and the team if Tactical Flight Officers. Textron Aviation´s King Air 350ER will be used for offshore marine safety missions, law enforcement, and search and rescue mission throughout the state of Victoria, Australia.

“By integrating the King Air 350ER into their fleet, Victoria Police Air Wing greatly enhances the capabilities of the professionals who respond to more than 5,000 taskings every year,” said Bob Gibbs, vice president, Special Mission Sales for Textron Aviation. “The turboprop’s unique combination of proven performance, range, speed and ease of operation makes it a trusted platform for large law enforcement agencies like Victoria Police.”

“The King Air 350ER will undertake a wide variety of roles and enhance aviation capabilities of Victoria Police. With extended endurance and range, it will complement our helicopters by providing a valuable, uninterrupted observation platform that will support police across the state” added Ashley Bellamy, Aviation Program Director, Victoria Police.

Skytraders´ new King Air 350ER has been configured to the needs of Victoria Police. The aircraft features and advanced mission management system, tactical radios, satellite communications, workstations for Tactical Flight Officers and a ground moving target indicator.

Powered by Pratt and Whitney PT6A-67A engines, the King Air 350ER (Extended Range) is also capable of flying longer routes or missions. This is of special interest for search and rescue or law enforcement missions. The aircraft can be optionally fitted as factory set.

Beechcraft is part of Textron Aviation, the group that includes the Beechcraft Cessna and Hawker brands. The subsidiary is part of Textron Inc., a multi-industry company based in the United States.

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