General Aviation Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER achieves FAA type certification

Textron Aviation has announced, that the Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER has achieved the FAA type certification.

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted the type certificate for the Textron Aviation Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER turboprop aircraft. The type certificate allows the manufacturer to start delivering the flagship aircraft to customers.

Beechcraft announced the King Air 360 back in August 2020 and the short time until gaining the type certificate just underlines the company´s ambition in product and aircraft portfolio development. The aircraft was designed and is being manufactured by Textron Aviation and the company seeks to begin deliveries in the coming weeks.

Chris Hearne, senior vice president, Engineering and Programs commented: “The new era of the industry-leading Beechcraft King Air begins today [...] The King Air 360 is a perfect combination of customer input, innovative technology and next-generation capabilities. By incorporating superior features and engineering advancements into an aircraft that is renowned for its versatility and reliability, we have elevated the King Air to the next level. With certification now in hand, we are thrilled to soon get these aircraft into the hands of our eager customers.”

The King Air 360 features latest technologies and offers enhanced passenger comfort with the installation of a new cabin. In the cockpit, Beechcraft will include the Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) ThrustSense Autothrottle. This function manages the engine power throughout the flight and reduces pilot workload.

Also, a new digital pressurization controller will be implemented, which schedules cabin pressurization during climb and descent. The gauges have been integrated with the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion flight deck.

Back in August, Ron Draper, president and CEO, Textron Aviation said: “The aircraft is a result of our extensive conversations with our turboprop customers worldwide as we continually increase innovation and next-generation capability to help them achieve their varied missions with greater comfort, technology and ease.”

In the cabin, nine passengers can be accommodated with a cabin altitude of 5,960 feet at a cruising altitude of 27,000 feet. This King Air 360/360ER is the latest family member of the popular turboprop aircraft family. Since 1964, nearly 7600 Beechcraft King Air turboprops have been delivered to customers around the world.

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