General Aviation Bombardier introduces enhanced Vision System for Challenger 350

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Bombardier has introduced a new Vision System Option for its Challenger 350 business jets.

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As an option, operators can purchase a lightweight Head-up Display (HUD) from Rockwell Collins. Moreover, an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) will be available. These additional systems will further help to reduce pilot workload and enhance situational awareness.

David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft said: “Added to the Challenger 350 aircraft’s already well-equipped flight deck, the HUD and EVS option will enhance the pilot’s situational awareness to provide passengers with an even smoother flight [...] The Challenger 350 jet leads the market in unit sales, and our commitment to continuously innovate and elevate this aircraft clearly demonstrates our promise to offer our customers nothing but the finest experience on board the industry's best-selling business jet.”

The new systems will allow pilots to fly eyes forward throughout all phases of flight, including during takeoff and landing. Most crucial and critical information will be displayed on the HUD´s transparent screen, enabling pilots not having to look down while observing their surroundings.

On the other hand, the EVS transmits live images from outside the aircraft to the HUD, including the runway, surrounding terrain and possible obstacles on the runway. Both systems lead to greater confidence while landing.

Bombardier said, that both the HUD and the EVS will be able to be retrofitted in current Challenger 350 aircraft.

The Challenger 350 is a business jet and features a good short-field performance. It can climb up to 43,000ft directly and quickly, enabling its passengers to reach the destination in the most efficient way. The range amounts to 3,200 NM (5,026km), while accommodating up to 10 passengers. As of now, the Challenger 300 aircraft series is said to be the best-selling business jets of the last decade.

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