General Aviation Bombardier launches Learjet 75 Liberty

Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has announced that it will launch a new version of its Learjet 75 business jet: The Learjet 75 Liberty.

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Shortly after Bombardier has announced to drop the production of its passenger aircraft series, the Canadian manufacturer now announced that it will release a new business jet. The Learjet 75 Liberty is said to be a step up for light jet operators.

The new Learjet 75 Liberty can accommodate up to six passengers in a new cabin. All passengers have the freedom to use the executive suite seats to stretch out. List price of the aircraft is approximately US$ 10 million.

David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation commented: “The Learjet 75 Liberty represents a step up for customers in the light jet segment, with unprecedented spaciousness and Bombardier’s renowned smooth ride [...] The newest member of the Learjet family delivers a flight experience that eclipses the competition.”

Compared to competitor aircraft and its predecessors, the 75 Liberty provides better performance while maintaining the same operating costs. The aircraft is the fastest in the light jet segment and can fly up to 2,080 nautical miles. That means, that routes like Las Vegas to New York or Mexico City to San Francisco will be possible without adding a fuel stop.

The new version will be assembled in Wichita, Kansas.

Tonya Sudduth, Vice President of Operations and Wichita Site, Bombardier Aviation added: “I’m extremely proud that the Learjet 75 Liberty will be built in Wichita, where the Learjet dream first took flight [...] Our Wichita facility today has a diverse mandate supporting Bombardier’s extensive fleet of business aircraft, but to introduce the newest member of this iconic brand is of special significance to our team.”

Bombardier´s Learjet 75 Liberty has already received the Part 25 regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The first delivery of the aircraft is being expected next year in 2020.

As global leader in the transportation industry, Bombardier creates innovative planes and trains. The company employees over 68,000 people throughout the world. Just recently, the Canadian manufacturer announced it won´t keep up the production of the CRJ series.

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