General Aviation Cessna Denali turboprop joins Beechcraft brand ahead of first flight

Textron Aviation has announced, that it will realign the Cessna Denali aircraft to the Beechcraft aircraft line-up.

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Ahead of the first flight, Textron Aviation has decided to move the Denali aircraft to the Beechcraft brand instead of the Cessna brand. The turboprop now joins the legendary Beechcraft King Air 260 and King Air 360/ER line-up.

Both Cessna and Beechcraft are Textron Aviation brands, therefore the realignment was a smooth process. With the Denali now being in the Beechcraft family, Textron is enhancing the company´s high-performance turboprop product portfolio.

“The Beechcraft Denali represents our continued strategy to invest in clean-sheet and current products in both our Beechcraft and Cessna iconic brands. Beechcraft turboprops are renowned for their versatility and reliability, and the single-engine Denali is a perfect complement to this legendary family of products,” said Ron Draper, Textron Aviation, president and CEO about the aircraft. “Pilots and passengers will appreciate the aircraft for its enhanced capabilities, innovative technology and all-around passenger comfort.”

Lannie O’Bannion, senior vice president, Global Sales and Flight Operations, added: “We continue to receive interest around the world from turboprop and piston owners of competing aircraft, who are looking to move into an aircraft with greater performance and enhanced passenger experience”.

Over the course of the certification programe, the Denali aircraft has achieved several milestones in the past six months. Currently, the company is working toward the first flight of the aircraft. Last month, the first Full Authority Digital Engine Controlled (FADEC) GE Aviation Catalyst engine was installed on a prototype airframe.

This month, engine runes are anticipated to happen. First flight is also planned for this year, once all preparative tests have been successfully performed. The cockpit also features latest technological advantages that have to be certified before deliveries can begin.

“We’re making remarkable progress with the aircraft’s development program,” said Chris Hearne, senior vice president, Engineering. “We have already achieved a number of important milestones, and the next few months will feature a

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