General Aviation Embraer delivers 250th business jet in Latin America

Embraer has announced, that it has delivered its 250th business jet to the Latin American market.

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Embraer has delivered a Phenom 100EV and a Phenom 300E to two Brazilian customers, marking the company´s 250th delivery of a business jet in Latin America. This is a milestone for the manufacturer, as the Latin American market is important for Embraer.

Michael Amalfitano, President & CEO of Embraer Executive Jets commented: “We are proud to deliver the ultimate experience in business aviation to two new valued customers from Embraer’s home country of Brazil [...] These deliveries are proof of the inherent value of business aviation, in that each company is purchasing their first business jet for the exclusive time efficiencies and cost savings, as well as the privacy, health, and safety benefits.”

Embraer delivered the Phenom 100EV business jet to an undisclosed customer, while the Phenom 300E was delivered to agribusiness company AGROJEM. The company has previously used turboprop aircraft for its missions.

José Eduardo Motta, CEO of AGROJEM, confirmed: “Due to our continuous expansion of operations, we made the decision to transition from a turboprop to the new Phenom 300E. With our previous aircraft, we flew 200 hours per year. Now, with the Phenom 300E, we expect to cover the same distance in just 120 hours per year, saving valuable time and resources.”

“The Phenom 300E is truly a time-saving machine. Beyond reducing our travel time, the aircraft also creates the opportunity for continuous connectivity and the seamless ability to work in transit,” Motta added.

Embraer´s Phenom 300E is capable of flying at Mach 0.80, making it the fastest business jet in its category. The aircraft features a five-occupant range of 2,010 nautical miles with NBAA IFR reserves. To date, the Brazilian manufacturer has delivered over 550 aircraft and is one of the most popular business jets in Embraer´s line-up.

The Phenom 100EV on the other hand has been delivered more than 3380 times and its high utilization while maintaining low operating and maintenance costs makes it a popular choice for customers around the world.

Both aircraft are equipped with features for a healthy travel environment. The air management system for example cycles the air onboard every 2 minutes and low-touch surfaces make the interior a healthy travel environment. Especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, these features are important for the safety while traveling between cities and countries.

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