General Aviation Embraer delivers first Duet Phenom 300E

Business jet manufacturer Embraer has announced, that the first “Duet” Phenom 300E, which was developed with Porsche, has now been delivered.

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The first aircraft of the Duet collaboration between aircraft manufacturer Embraer and car manufacturer Porsche has been delivered to an undisclosed customer from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Embraer delivered the jet at its state-of-the-art customer centre in Melbourne, Florida.

The customer has received not only the special Phenom 300E business jet, but also a special edition Porsche 911 Turbo S. It is the first true collaboration between leading aviation and automotive manufacturers, combining engineering, performance and design.

Porsche and Embraer´s project teams have been working in tandem to create a seamless experience from ground to air. Over the course of the collaboration, to 10 special edition Phenom 300E and 10 Porsche 911 Turbo S will be produced.

Michael Amalfitano, President & CEO, Embraer Executive Jets, confirmed: “We designed Duet in collaboration with Porsche to introduce a seamless travel experience for those wanting to arrive in something totally original, while holding true to our vision of delivering the ultimate experience in business aviation […] The Phenom 300E is already the best-selling light jet in the world, and we continue to push the boundaries to provide even more value and bring new experiences to our customers.”

Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualization and Classic at Porsche AG, said in November of last year, when the collaboration was announced: “Porsche and Embraer share a host of common values [...] As part of our cooperation, we used the know-how of both brands to work jointly on a unique pair of vehicles that are equally attractive for the customer group of jet and sports car owners.”

An exclusive collaboration logo is embossed on the seat headrests of the aircraft and on the seat headrests of the cars. Regarding the overall design, the design language will be similar on both products. Cockpit seats in the aircraft will be same to the ones in the car and across the aircraft and car, there will be small but special detail that underline the exclusiveness of this collaboration.

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