General Aviation Falcon 6X performs maiden flight

Dassault Aviation has announced, that its newest business jet, the Falcon 6X, has successfully performed its maiden flight.

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As panned, the first Dassault Aviation Falcon 6X business jet has successfully performed its first flight. The flight was intended for the first quarter of 2021 and the punctual maiden flight represents the opening of the flight test campaign to achieve the type certificate.

Dassault Aviation Chairman/CEO Eric Trappier commented: “Today’s flight is another milestone in Dassault history, made all the more satisfying by the remarkable efforts of the entire Dassault organization and its partners over the challenging past year [...] We dedicate today’s achievement to Olivier Dassault, who died tragically on Sunday,” continued Trappier. “Olivier was a Falcon pilot who perfectly embodied his family’s boundless passion for aviation.”

The aircraft took of at 2:45PM on Wednesday from Dassault Aviation´s plant near Bordeaux in France. Two hours and thirty minutes later, the 6X touched down safely. During the flight, the crew around the pilots Bruno Ferry and Fabrice Valette, performed various tests.

The aircraft handling capabilities, engine response and the behaviour of key aircraft systems were tested. Before returning to Bordeaux, the aircraft topped an speed of Mo.8 and flew at 40,000 feet.

“The 6X flew exactly as predicted by our models. From a pilot’s perspective, it flies like a Falcon, which is to say with perfect precise handling in all phases of flight,” said Ferry. “Fabrice and I are honored to have made the latest first flight in another fantastic Falcon.”

Regarding the 6X, Eric Trappier added: “The 6X is the latest example of the fusion of military know-how and business aviation expertise for which Dassault Aviation is so respected [...] The new capabilities in efficiency, performance and safety it offers will set a new benchmark in the long-range segment. This airplane will also set a new standard in terms of cabin comfort and spaciousness, as demanded by our customers.”

The second flight of aircraft number 01 will include a hop to Istres near Marseille. These, the Dassault flight test center is located, and the rest of the flight test will be performed. Dassault Aviation stated that test bed aircraft 02 and 03 will join the fleet in the coming months.

These flight tests ensure, that the aircraft is ready for normal operations in all possible circumstances. They make sure, that all safety aspects during all phases of flights are guaranteed. In the end, the aviation authorities around the world like the EASA in Europe or the FAA in the United State will issue a type certificate once all of the tests have been successful.

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