General Aviation Gulfstream announces new Gulfstream G550 order

Private jet manufacturer Gulfstream has announced a new order for its G550 jet. National Oceanic will receive one aircraft.

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The Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. signed a purchase agreement with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for one G550 business jet. However, the aircraft will be deployed to support NOAA´s weather forecasting and research programs, said Gulfstream.

“Gulfstream has been providing aircraft to the U.S. government for more than 50 years,” said Mark Burns, president at Gulfstream. “We are proud to continue the partnership with NOAA’s G550. Our aircraft platforms provide government and military customers with the flexibility, range and altitude capabilities perfect for demanding missions.”

NOAA will use the G550 jet primarily for Hurricane Hunting missions. The company seeks to utilize the state-of-the-art avionics, aerodynamical advantages and technologies onboard the aircraft. Furthermore, the flying capabilities of the aircraft will help the organization to gather important information about hurricanes.

The G550 is a popular choice for special missions and government configurations. The aircraft is capable of flying up to 6,750 nautical miles (12,501 kilometres) at a cruise speed of Mach 0.80. Gulfstream´s G550 has already broke 55 speed records. The aircraft features the ability to provide good value with better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs compared to other special mission platforms.

Regarding its special mission aircraft program, Gulfstream wrote in a statement: "Gulfstream has produced special mission aircraft since 1967 for a variety of applications, including head-of-state transport, airborne early warning, ground surveillance, maritime patrol, atmospheric research and aeromedical evacuation. More than 205 Gulfstream aircraft are in service supporting governments and militaries in 40 countries around the world."

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics. The company designs, develops, manufactures and supports business-jet aircraft. To date, the manufacturer has produced more than 2,800 aircraft for customers around the world. The fleet of aircraft includes the Gulfstream G280TM, the Gulfstream G550TM, the Gulfstream G500TM, the Gulfstream G600TM, the Gulfstream G650TM and the Gulfstream G650ERTM.

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