General Aviation Gulfstream G500 and G600 perform flight tests for certification milestones

Gulfstream has released, that its new aircraft G500 and G600 have successfully performed new flight test for certification.

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At London City Airport in England and Lugano Airport, as well as Sion Airport in Switzerland, Gulfstream has performed steep-approach landings with the G500 and G600 business jets, which are currently completing their flight test programmes.

These successful tests are a new milestone for the manufacturer, as it brings the aircraft further toward certification by the Federal Aviation Administration FAA and European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA.

The flight tests demonstrated the aircraft´s abilities of low-speed handling and short-field landing capabilities. London City requires extra certification due to its short landing and challenging approach, Lugano Airport and similar in the region are located in the mountain region of the country and have short runways as well.

Gulfstream seeks to gain certification for its G500 and G600 flagships through the FAA and EASA during the next year. Once certified, the manufacturer will then be able to start with customer deliveries.

Regarding the flight tests, Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream, commented: “The takeoff and landing performance we demonstrated in Europe was key in the process of securing customers’ access to even more locations worldwide, saving them even more valuable hours per year […] Our customers already benefit from Gulfstream’s high-speed performance advantage when flying, and the investment we’ve made in flight testing and continuous improvement delivers even more value with increased flexibility.”

The G600 has already received FAA and EASA certification for improved performance operations on grooved runways in wet conditions. This allows customers to have more flexibility and range operations when operating in wet conditions.

Over the course of the flights back from London to Teterboro Airport near New York, Gulfstream also set a new city-pair speed record. The G599 flew 3,077nm in 6 hours and 46 minutes and the G600 set a new city-pair speed record on the route from London to Seattle, completing the 4,235nm flight in 8 hours and 39 minutes.

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