General Aviation Gulfstream sells last G550 business jet

Business jet manufacturer Gulfstream has released, that it has sold the last commercially available G550.

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In order to clear the way for the production of more modern business jets, Gulfstream is beginning to wind down the G550 production by selling the last commercially available G550. The aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2021 with the end of an era.

The G550 was announced by the U.S.-manufacturer back in 200 and entered into service three years later. The aircraft was the launch platform for the Gulfstream PlaneView flight deck and has become one of the most recognized business jets in the industry.

Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream commented: "The G550 set the standard for subsequent aircraft and the industry [...] With more than 600 in service, the G550 has earned its place as a leader in business aviation. Its technological innovations and safety enhancements earned the G550 development team the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy in 2003."

"While manufacturing of the G550 will end, our industry-leading support of the aircraft will continue. With more than 30 company-owned and factory-authorized service centres on five continents as well as the ability to produce and procure parts, we are well-prepared to continue offering G550 owners the highest level of support," Burns added.

With the Gulfstream G500, G600 and G650ER, the manufacturer seeks to implement a next generation of business jets into the market. All aircraft feature new innovation, performance and safety features. Just as the G550, the newer aircraft are capable of performing both commercial and special mission operations.

Several countries like Australia, Italy, Poland, Singapore, Sweden or the United States have been using variants of the G550 for their special missions. The commercially delivered 550s are being operated by private individuals, companies and executive charter operators.

GulfstreamĀ“s portfolio includes the G280, G500, G600, G650, G650ER and G700. The company celebrated its entry into the market in 1958, when the first Gulfstream I took off. Since then, the manufacturer has produced and delivered over 2,900 aircraft for customers around the world.

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