General Aviation Textron Aviation celebrates 10 years Cessna Citation CJ4

Textron Aviation has announced the 10th anniversary of the first Cessna Citation CJ4 business jet delivery.

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On April 20, 2010, the first Cessna Citation CJ4 aircraft took to the skies. 10 years later, Textron Aviation is celebrating the anniversary of this date. Since the first flight, the aircraft has proved itself in the business jet market.

The CJ4 is valued by customers around the world for its versatility and reliability. The aircraft is capable of performing various missions including air ambulance, search and rescue missions, aerial survey and maritime patrol missions.

Rob Scholl, senior vice president, Sales commented: “With more than 320 CJ4s in service today, this network of operators is a part of the largest owner-operated light jet community in the world [...] Many of our Citation owners are using their aircraft in times of need, from providing hurricane relief to delivering urgent medical supplies, and we are proud to be standing by and ready to support them as they achieve these critical missions.”

Cessna´s CJ4 is the largest of the Cessna light jet family aircraft but still able to be flown by a single pilot. These characteristics make the aircraft stand out. The CJ4 combines high performance, low operating costs and a value-bringing cabin

The aircraft has an IFR range of 1,926 nautical miles (3,567 kilometres) with a maximum cruise speed of 451 knots. Ten passengers can be accommodated on board and 1,040 pounds of baggage. The CJ4 also features single point refuelling and externally serviceable lavatory.

In the flight jet segment, Cessna is a market leader with its Citation aircraft. Over 5000 light jets have been delivered to customers around the world as of today. The aircraft family consists of the Cessna Citation M2, the CJ3+ and the leading CJ4.

Textron Aviation is a leading general aviation authority, that combines the brands Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker. Altogether, Textron Aviation´s companies have delivered more than 250,000 aircraft in over 170 countries.

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