General Aviation Textron Aviation celebrates five year anniversary of Citation Latitude

Aircraft manufacturing company Textron Aviation has celebrated the fifth year anniversary of its Cessna Citation Latitude.

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Textron Aviation has celebrated five years since the company first delivered a Cessna Citation Latitude to a customer. Since then, the aircraft has become one of the most-delivered midsize business jet for four consecutive years.

To date, Cessna has delivered nearly 240 Citation Latitude aircraft to customers around the world. The global fleet comprises more than 40 percent of all midsize business jet deliveries since 2015. Since the entry into service five years ago, the global fleet has accumulated more than 320,000 flight hours.

Rob Scholl, senior vice president, Sales commented on the milestone: “Five years since its introduction, the Citation Latitude is now an industry icon. Business travelers were the first to appreciate its versatility and comfortable cabin which makes the jet ideal for business productivity and leisure alike [...] Today, the jet’s innovative design has enabled its deployment in a variety of applications, from European air ambulance operators, to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, which in April of this year took delivery of two Citation Latitude jets configured for flight inspection.”

The largest customer for the Citation Latitude is operator NetJets. The company has taken over more than 120 Latitudes and has played its role in making the aircraft the business jet with the highest average daily utilization.

“Customers have returned to the Citation Latitude time and time again, proving its enduring performance over the past half-decade. Its low direct operating costs have made it the cornerstone of many fleets and we look forward to seeing this popular aircraft rise to new missions,” Scholl added.

Textron Aviation is continuing to make the aircraft more environmentally friendly and operational sustainable. The company has implemented the use of sustainable aviation fuel for the Citation Latitude. The aircraft is one of the company´s fleet of 13 commercial turbine aircraft that can fly on sustainable fuel.

The Citation Latitude can seat four passengers and has a range of 2,700 nautical miles (5000km) at high-speed cruise. The ability to take off from fields no longer then 3,580 feet makes the Latitude very versatile for different operators.

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