General Aviation Textron Aviation delivers 250th Cessna Citation M2

Textron Aviation has delivered its 250th Cessna Citation M2 business jet to customer Fast Rabbit Aviation LLC.

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Seattle based aircraft operator Fast Rabbit Aviation has taken delivery of the 250th Cessna Citation M2 business jet from Textron Aviation. This delivery marks a new milestone in the aircraft program, which was launched in December 2013.

Rob Scholl, senior vice president, Sales commented: “The M2 is an ideal fit for operators in need of an agile aircraft with the power, range and speed to complete their mission with efficiency and comfort [...] Today, when reliability, flexibility and value are more vital than ever before, we’re proud to reach this milestone and continue providing an aircraft that can support the operations of many dynamic organizations worldwide.”

Since the first delivery, Textron Aviation has delivered aircraft to customers around the globe with a variety of mission needs. The light jet is regarded for its range and performance for regional travel. Cessna´s Citation is capable of serving areas and airports, where commercial service may be limited.

The M2 is certified for single-pilot operations and has state-of-the-art avionics installed, like the Garmin Aviation G3000 that allows piston aircraft operators to seamlessly step up to the turbine aircraft.

“The M2 enables a straightforward transition for piston and turboprop aircraft pilots ready to step up to jets by utilizing one of the aircraft’s greatest assets,” Scholl confirmed. “The jet’s touch-controlled G3000 avionics provide pilots with intuitive control, offering an ideal flight experience.”

Over the past nearly seven years, the aircraft has found its place in the light business jet segment. The 250 deliveries underline this. Seven passengers can be accommodated on board the aircraft.

Two Williams FJ44-1AP-21 engines bring the aircraft to 41,000 feet in 24 minutes. The maximum cruise speed of the M2 is 404 knots true airspeed with a range of 1,550 nautical miles. According to Textron, the aircraft is capable of operating at airports with runways as short as 3,210 feet.

This delivery also demonstrates Cessna Citation´s lead in this segment. The manufacturer has delivered over 5000 light jets throughout the world. The Citation M2 is the entry-level aircraft, while the CJ3+ features upgraded efficiency and comfort, like the larger CJ4.

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