General Aviation Textron Aviation unveils Air Ambulance Citation Latitude

Aircraft manufacturer Textron Aviation has unveiled the first Air Ambulance configured Cessna Citation Latitude.

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Textron Aviation is showcasing the first Cessna Citation Latitude in air ambulance configuration on the 2019 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE). The Latitude wears the colours of Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance, the launch customer of this version.

The aircraft offers the first custom OEM interior solutions for medevac missions on the platform. Every part of the interior has been production-certified and furthermore offers combability with a wide range of medical equipment. This allows operators to select the perfect fixtures in order to meet mission requirements.

Doug May, vice president, Special Missions at Textron Aviation said: “For our mission-centric customers, we are excited about what the medevac Citation Latitude offers by the way of range, cabin size and speed in emergency situations where minutes count” [...] “Having our medical interior certified in production as part of the aircraft type certificate is another major win for our customers, providing significant cost and risk reduction for those outfitting the Latitude with their medical equipment of-choice as it comes off the line.”

The medevac Citation Latitude offers a single-sled stretcher, expanded cabin doors and a SATCOM radio system for emergency communications.

Textron Aviation has also announced, that it is currently planning to certify further aircraft interiors for medevac missions. For example, medevac options could become available for the Citation CJ4 and the Citation XLS+. Future aircraft like the Cessna Denali and the SkyCourier are passing through design phases at the current time.

The Cessna Citation Latitude normally is a business-jet with the option to seat up to four passengers. The aircraft has a range of 2,700 nautical miles (5,000 km) and is able to take off with a field length of 3,580 feet. This is of special interest for operators that would like to take-off on short runways.

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