General Aviation Textron Aviation unveils Citation CJ4 Gen2

Textron Aviation has unveiled a new addition to the Cessna Citation business jet family, the Citation CJ4 Gen2.

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Textron Aviation has officially released a new aircraft to join the portfolio. The Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 is the latest iteration of the popular CJ4. It is the largest Citation in the light jet segment and now offers more features and enhanced functions for operators.

A new cabin design is one of the major new features the CJ4 Gen2 offers. New CoolView Skylights and a vanity option will enhance passenger comfort and the customer experience overall. The refreshment center and galley area are now offering improved storage options and an optional high-power outlet.

In the cabin itself, the seats that are side-facing, now include a folding single seat, a fixed two-place couch and a folding two-seat couch, which also provides storage capacities. A new lightning system on the sidewall and floor also adds to the new experience.

Christi Tannahill, senior vice president, Customer Experience: “At Textron Aviation, we are constantly reviewing our aircraft, taking customer feedback and investing in our product line-up to ensure we stay ahead of evolving trends and support our customers as they experience first-class flight, total cabin comfort, and flexibility, making their aircraft the most productive place in the sky.”

Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 Cabin © Textron Aviation
Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 Cabin © Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation has released, that customers can now order the new CJ4 Gen2, with deliveries starting immediately. In 2010, the CJ4 achieved Federal Aviation Administration type certifications and this newest generation does not need to be approved again.

Regarding additional features, the manufacturer wrote: "The aircraft offers an upgraded wireless cabin management system consisting of an onboard media server with the ability to stream preloaded audio and video files, access XM Satellite Radio and view moving maps. As part of the new system, passengers can also wirelessly control cabin lighting, window shades and temperature from their own mobile devices while productivity is powered by the USB charging ports at each cabin seat."

The CJ4 Gen2 can accommodate up to 10 passengers, has an IFR range of 1,926 nautical miles (3,567km) and has a maximum cruise speed of 451 knots. The aircraft is one of the most popular Cessna business jets and this latest iteration shows Textron´s commitment to keep the legacy going.

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