Helicopters Bell delivers first 407GXi helicopters in Japan

Bell Textron has announced, that it has delivered the first 407GXi helicopter in Japan.

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Operator Shin-Nihon Helicopters has become the first Japanese company to purchase and operate the Bell 407GXi helicopter. This is a milestone for both the manufacturer and the long-standing Bell customer.

In total, two Bell 407GXi helicopters have been delivered to Shin-Nihon. Since its establishment in 1960, the operator has been using Bell helicopters for their operations. The delivery of the two factory-new aircraft shows the commitment to modernize the fleet and to expand operations.

Jacinto Monge, managing director for Bell North Asia, commented: “The Bell 407GXi builds on its heritage as a helicopter that is known for responsive and smooth operation, versatility, and efficient engine power. Coupled with low operating costs, the Bell 407GXi is the ideal choice for Shin-Nihon Helicopters whose focus is on conducting their utility missions safely and efficiently”.

The aircraft is equipped with new avionics and technologies that make operations and missions as safe as possible. The 407GXi is being powered by Rolls-Royce C47E/4 dual-channel FADEC turbine engines.

The engines create the right environment for an enhanced flying experience. The engines are more powerful and cost efficient than the ones of the previous generation. Combined with modern display systems, the operator will benefit from better situational awareness and lower crew workload.

Bell has a long-standing history in Japan. Regarding this, the manufacturer wrote: “Bell’s history in Japan started with the delivery of three Bell 47D-1s to Mainichi Press, Yomiuri Press and Chunichi Press on Nov. 24, 1952. Historically, Bell has supplied most of the helicopters - more than 1,500 aircraft - that have been used or are still in service in Japan“.

Shin-Nihon Helicopters is currently operating with Bell helicopters like the Bell 206, Bell 412, and Bell 427. For more than 60 years, the operator is building on the partnership with the manufacturer. This latest delivery underlines the willingness to keep this partnership alive.

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