Helicopters Bell restarts production for first international UH-1Y

Bell Helicopters has announced, that the manufacturing for the first UH-1Y for an international customer has started.

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Bell Textron has released, that it has restarted its production for the first international operator of the UH-1Y helicopter. At Florida, Crestview Aerospace has already completed the first of eight cabins at the bell Amarillo Assembly Center.

Paul Kohlmeier, senior vice president, Strategy and Business Development, Crestview Aerospace, said: “Crestview Aerospace is honored and grateful for the opportunity to team with Bell on the continued production of the UH-1Y cabin for the first international customer […] Crestview continues to build in the same high quality and reliability into the international Venom helicopters that underpin the aircraft currently operated by the United States Marine Corps around the world.”

The helicopter is being produced for the government of the Czech Republic, which will receive four UH-1Y and four AH-1Z helicopters in total. The aircraft are part of the 2020 contract that has been awarded to Bell.

Bell explained, that the UH-1Y helicopters shares around 85 percent commonality of parts when compared to the AH-1Z. Therefore, during production, component supply chains can remain active, which makes operations more smooth and efficient.

Mike Deslatte, vice president and H-1 program director at Bell, explained: “Time, logistics, and man-hours are all strategic resources […] Commonality helps ensure everything between the Viper and Venom, from manufacturing, maintenance, and upgrades, remains seamless while simultaneously providing lower program and life cycle costs. It’s a real tactical advantage on multiple levels.”

The manufacturer also added, that both aircraft share the same engines, integrated mission systems and dynamic components like the four-bladed rotor system. As helicopter duo, the aircraft provide a wide range for expeditionary operations.

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