Helicopters Bestfly orders four AW169 helicopters

Angolan operator Bestfly has signed a purchase agreement with Leonardo Helicopters for four AW169s.

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The AW169 helicopter is celebrating its entry into the African market with the order from operator Bestfly, who has signed a purchase agreement with the manufacturer for a total of four helicopters. It is the first purchase for the AW169 on the continent from a major local operator.

Leonardo´s AW169 will help Bestfly´s air operations in the country as the carrier is mainly performing passenger and equipment transport flights in the energy industry. Together with the technology on board, Bestfly will benefit from a better operational performance compared to older helicopters.

In a statement, Bestfly said: “This contract is a great milestone for Bestfly in its sustainable growth strategy. We would like to thank Leonardo for its great support in putting this deal together. We are confident the AW169 will be a great addition to our fleet, enhancing the capabilities of our off-shore and on-shore operations. We would like also to thank our customers for their continued support and trust, allowing us to continue to grow stronger in the future.”

Bestfly was established back in November 2009 and has become the market leader in the country. According to own statements, Bestfly currently holds a market share of close to 80 percent. After 10 years, Bestfly even became the biggest operator in Angola.

The AW169 is a popular choice for operators across the globe. To date, 290 AW169s have been sold to over 90 customers in more than 30 countries. The aircraft is capable of performing a wide range of missions like air ambulance, law enforcement, executive/corporate and offshore transport, electronic newsgathering, training, military and utility roles.

Bestfly is operating in the energy industry and in this market, more than 130 units have been delivered worldwide. Especially in Europe and the Middle East, the aircraft has proven its capabilities to perform such missions. The worldwide fleet of AW169s in the energy industry sector has logged more than 90,000 flight hours.

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