Helicopters Global Medical Response orders 21 Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters has released, that Global Medical Response has ordered over 20 helicopters.

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Operator Global Medical Response (GMR) has signed a firm purchase agreement with Airbus Helicopters over 21 new aircraft, as the company is looking to grow its air medical fleet. GMR will add aircraft from the H125, H130 and H135 families.

As part of the deal, GMR holds purchase rights for an additional 23 helicopters. If all options have been converted, the total order would raise to 44 Airbus helicopters. GMR currently operates an Airbus fleet of around 133 helicopters.

Rob Hamilton, president of the GMR Alliances Group, commented: “Our Airbus fleet allows us to respond quickly and transport critical patients with the appropriate level of care to give them the absolute best chance of survival. With the addition of these new aircraft, our fleet grows stronger and more capable to save lives when it matters most.”

“The air medical mission demands high availability rates. The H125 and H130 set the standard in the single-engine segment, and the H135 has stood out in the twin-engine segment thanks to its consistent reliable performance in this mission,” added Romain Trapp, president of Airbus Helicopters, Inc. and head of the North America region.

“The fact that GMR’s entire twin-engine fleet is made up of the H135 speaks volumes to its success in the air medical market. We are proud to continue delivering on our longstanding relationship with GMR and stand ready to continue to support the highest levels of availability for their essential work,” Trapp said.

In recent years, GMR has expanded its aircraft portfolio with the addition of various new Airbus helicopters. In the past 18 months alone, the operator has taken delivery of 15 aircraft, representing the fast growth of GMR.

With more than 38,000 employees, GMR is one of the largest Airbus helicopters operators in the world. The company offers air, ground, specialty and residential fire services and managed medical transportation services.

In 2020 alone, GMR transported more than 125,000 patients onboard of its helicopter fleet. GMR delivers care through multiple brands like Guardian Flight, Med-Trans Corp., Air Evac Lifeteam or REACH Air Medical Services.

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