Helicopters Japan´s National Police Agency orders five Airbus helicopters

Airbus Helicopters has released, that Japan´s National Police Agency has ordered five new helicopters.

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As part of its fleet modernisation programme, Japan´s National Police Agency (NPA) has ordered four new H135 and one new H225 helicopter. The five new aircraft will complement the law enforcement capabilities by the operator.

NPA is a new customer for the Super Puma Helicopters and is already a long-standing Airbus Helicopters customer. Currently, NPA flies with 23 Airbus helicopters and has one H215 and two H225 already on order.

Guillaume Leprince, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters Japan said: “Airbus Helicopters treasures the opportunity to support Japan’s wide-ranging law enforcement missions for more than 30 years with our light twin, medium and heavy-lift helicopters. We thank NPA for its continued trust built over the years and welcome the agency as a new customer for our Super Puma helicopters. With an enlarged fleet not just in numbers, but also in range and capacity, we are fully confident that the new helicopters will be a timely addition, reinforcing the agency’s operations.”

The H225 Super Puma is the latest member of the helicopter family. Accumulated, the global H225 fleet has been flying for more than 5.7 million hours in all weather conditions. In Japan, 28 helicopters are currently being operated by civil, parapublic operators, and Japan’s Ministry of Defense for various missions.

Airbus Helicopter´s H135 has a stronger presence with 94 helicopters operating in Japan today. The market-leader rotorcraft is known for its agility, reliability and versatility. It can operate law enforcement missions and customers from Japan can use Airbus´ H135 full flight simulation centre in Kobe. In general, the global H135 fleet of 1375 aircraft has been clocking over 5.4 million flight hours with 300 different operators.

NPA is currently operating with 12 H135s already and this order underlines the satisfaction with the aircraft. Furthermore, NPA is flying with four H155s, six AS365s. With the H215, the three H225 and the four H135 order, the operator will fly with an Airbus fleet of 30 aircraft.

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