Helicopters Leonardo announces new orders at LABACE

Helicopter manufacturer Leonardo has announced various orders for VIP helicopters at LABACE 2019.

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At South America´s largest VIP/Corporate helicopter expo LABACE, Leonardo was able to gather further orders for its aircraft. A total of five units has been ordered, which represent an investment of nearly 30 million euro.

With these latest orders, Leonardo furthermore strengthens its position in the VIP multiengine segment. The manufacturer already has a 40% market share and hopes to increase this number. Over 170 helicopters are currently flying in Brazil and more than 220 in South America.

Leonardo has signed contracts with its customers for three AW109 Trekkers, one AW109 GrandNew and one AW169. ICON, the official distributor of Leonardo´s AW109 Trekker in Brazil, has signed orders for two units in VIP configuration. The other aircraft will be used by private regional operators.

In a statement, Leonardo wrote: "The Trekker combines the popular AW109 Grand airframe and large cabin with state-of-the-art Genesys Aerosystems core avionics and skids. These orders strengthen the presence of Leonardo in the key Brazilian helicopter market where the AW109 variants – particularly the AW109 Power, AW109 Grand and GrandNew, have proven popular and successful among many customers for passenger transport duties and other roles."

The AW109 Trekker has been a popular choice for operators in nations like Chile or Brazil. In total, over 60 units have been sold worldwide and the aircraft are made to perform a range of missions. The AW109 Trekker is capable of performing VIP/corporate transport, law enforcement, utility and EMS missions.

Regarding the AW169, Leonardo said: "Brazil has readily embraced the new generation AW169 too. The country is adding one copy, upping the total AW169 VIP fleet to 5 by the end of 2019 which will join a further eight units in service across the Americas by then for VIP and EMS roles."

The AW169 is a new-generation helicopter that features soundproofing and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. The APU-mode was made for safety and comfort, offering complete climate control on board. The AW169 can accommodate up to 10 passengers. To date, over 200 of the aircraft have been delivered to customers all over the world.

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