Helicopters Leonardo receives AW109 Helicopter order from S.A.F Hélicoptères

S.A.F Hélicoptères has agreed a purchase deal for AW109 Trekker helicopters with Leonardo Helicopters.

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Italian manufacturer Leonardo Helicopters has announced, that the AW109 Trekker light twin engine helicopter has been chosen by S.A.F. Hélicoptères to support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the country.

One aircraft is expected to be delivered by the end of this year from Leonardo´s final assembly line in Vergiate Italy. The helicopter will be performing EMS missions from Rouen Hospital in Normandie, France.

This latest order expands the range of commercial customers in France, who are operating with Leonardo Helicopters. Most operators in the country are using the company´s helicopters for EMS or VIP/Corporate Transport.

SAF Hélicoptères selected the helicopter after a long decisions process , where the AW109 Trekker outperformed competing types.

Leonardo wrote in a press release: "The contract award marks the entrance of this Leonardo light twin helicopter model into the French civil helicopter market and follows the success of the AW109 Power and Grand for EMS tasks in the country. This achievement also expands the number of French commercial customers using Leonardo helicopters such as the AW109 series, AW169 and AW139 for a range of roles including EMS and VIP/corporate transport. The AW109 Trekker is the perfect fit to meet other EMS requirements in France in the future."

Tristan Serretta, CEO of SAF Hélicoptères said: “We’re proud to be the future supplier of helicopter EMS services from Rouen Hospital. As a helicopter operator, we’re always looking at proposing high-end economically-viable solutions to our customers. The team here is excited to introduce the Leonardo AW109 Trekker into SAF’s fleet. The region will benefit from our solid expertise and experience of HEMS combined with the exceptional capabilities in terms of EMS interior, performance, advanced avionics, safety standards of the Trekker. We look forward to starting operations supporting the local community.”

Groupe SAF has been operations for 40 years and is operating 65 helicopters. The group provides medical transports, (heavy-)lift, mountain rescue, touristic flights and VIP transport.

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