Helicopters Pakistan orders additional AW 139s

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Leonardo Helicopters has announced, that the Government of Pakistan has ordered additional AW139s.

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How many AW 139s have been ordered by the Pakistani Government is subject of speculations and was not disclosed.

Pakistan will use their new AW139s for utility, passenger transport and EMS missions. Deliveries are expected to start in 2019.

Leonardo Helicopters will provide the AW 139s in Pakistan with logistic support and training services for the growing fleet. Already, there are several AW 139s in Pakistan on duty, performing EMS/SAR, transport and relief duties for the Government.

With the order, Pakistan steps towards to complete its fleet renewal. The programme included several batches of new orders. The new aircraft fit the operational environment and deliver the needed performance under hot & high conditions.

Leonardo Helicopters´s Agusta Westland AW139 is an intermediate twin engine helicopter. The aircraft is said to perform well under high temperature and high-altitude environments. Over 300 customers from 70 countries have ordered the aircraft. Altogether, over 900 flying units are in service.

Over 1000 AW139 have been ordered over the past years. In its class, the AW139 is one of the best-selling helicopters. Especially military and government customers show increased interest in the aircraft. The AW139 was developed to perform various missions, such as EMS/SAR, transport or executive missions.

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