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France´s SAF Group has announced that it has ordered six new Airbus helicopters, which will be used for EMS missions.

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Three light single and three light twin helicopters will join SAF´s fleet in 2019. They will be operated in Metropolitan France and in the Reunion Island. Just recently, the SAF Group acquired Héliagon, an operator that is headquartered in the Reunion Islands.

The new order therefore underlines SAF´s plans to further increase its presence in this area. All six new aircraft are set to be used for emergency medical service (EMS) operations. Moreover, SAF has specialized itself on mountain rescue, passenger transport and aerial work.

Tristan Serretta, CEO of SAF said: “We are very proud of the long relationship we have with Airbus Helicopters [...] In such a rapidly evolving market, a close relationship with the manufacturer is crucial to guarantee the performance and profitability of our operations.”

Olivier Michalon, Senior Vice President, Head of Europe at Airbus Helicopters added: “I want to thank SAF for placing their trust once again in Airbus products [...] We are certain these new helicopters will meet SAF’s stringent requirements for performance and reliability and will increase their capability to carry out critical missions.”

Currently, the SAF Group operates a fleet of 44 Airbus helicopters. They are being deployed in various types of civilian rescue and protection missions. The fleet consists of 24 H135 Family helicopters, making SAF one of the largest commercial H135 operators in France.

Over the course of the Helitech International Air Show, currently held at Amsterdam, Airbus Helicopters was able to announce several orders for its helicopter portfolio. Germany´s DRF Luftrettung, the Royal Dutch Touring Club and operator Helitrans all announced orders for additional helicopters.

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